On-Demand Webinar

Knock Knock: Opening the Legal Front Door to Self-Service Contracting

Featuring Mitratech, KP Labs, Micro Focus, and Rubrik

Watch Mitratech, Rubrik, KP Labs, and Micro Focus in this on-demand webinar on pioneering digital transformation in the legal department.

Every day, legal is bombarded with “urgent” requests that hinder efficiency and distract from larger priorities. In an effort to manage and field requests, many legal departments are leveraging technology to create a ‘legal front door;” a single place to funnel and triage requests for faster time to value, streamlined drafting and review, organized document management, and self-service legal advice.

But where do you start? How do you know you need a legal front door, and what should you be automating?

Whether you’re new to automation or in need of new workflow inspiration, we invite you to watch Jessica Vander Ploeg, the Senior Director of Legal Operations at Micro Focus, and Sami Najm, the Sr. Corporate Counsel at Rubrik, as they go head-to-head with digital transformation stories and best practices.

Watch now for in-depth insight into:

  • Where to start in an organization without a legal front door
  • How newbies can make an immediate impact within their legal department
  • Which contracts should be automated for the most significant impact
  • How workflow automation leads to quick win ROI
  • How TAP connects legal teams internally and to the rest of the enterprise

Expert Speakers:

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