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Your Automation Playbook: Picking the Right Processes, Partners, and Implementation Strategies

Sponsors of the 2023 Legal Automation Virtual Summit

With thousands of workflow tools on the market and daily workload on the rise, finding, funding, and just figuring out new technology can be a job in itself.

That's why Mitratech's Brian McGovern, Executive Director CLC Solutions, joined the 2023 Legal Automation Virtual Summit to discuss how today's organizations can:

  • Identify inefficiencies that are ripe for automation
  • Know what to look for in a technology partner
  • Assemble their task force for buy-in & adoption 
  • Leverage peer-proven workflows that make for quick wins 
  • Implement legal technology to drive meaningful business impact, like reducing dependency on outside counsel, optimizing cost savings, and improving efficiency

In case you missed the discussion – or would like to share these insights with your team – you can watch the two-part, on-demand virtual discussion today: 

Part 1: Your Automation Playbook: Picking the Right Process, Partners, and Implementation Strategies

Part 2: Roundtable - The Future of Legal Automation: Opportunities, Challenges, and Ethical Considerations

Expert Panelists Include: 

  • Brian McGovern, Executive of CLC Solutions at Mitratech
  • Antonio G, Legal Operations Specialist at Google Operations Center
  • Bo Kinloch, Director of Legal operations at Hasbro
  • Nicole Hayes, Director of Legal Operations at Modivcare
  • Liz Chase, Head of Innovation and User Experience at Leo Cussen Centre for Law

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